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This is the first and currently only Livejournal Community that is all about the actor Eion Bailey.

He's not a big star like Brad Pitt or Phillip Seymour Hoffman, but he has worked with them. Some of his smaller roles in bigger movies that you might have seen him in is 'Fight Club.' He played first recruit Ricky and in 'Almost Famous' he played Rolling Stones editor Jann Wenner. His biggest and most recognizable role seems to be for his role in the HBO mini-series 'Band of Brothers' where he portrayed real life Easy Company soldier David Kenyon Webster.

There are no restrictions on joining. Membership is open.

But that does not mean you can post just anything.

Posts must be Eion related (ie: Pictures, news about upcoming roles, movies, tv shows, gossip, etc.).

Be respectful to all members of the community.

Put long posts, numerous pictures, or spoilers behind an lj-cut. Here's how.

Do not advertise your community here unless it pertains to Eion Bailey.

And remember save the drama for your mama, we don't want fights.

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