Eion icons:

(Not sure if allowed or not, the user info only said
"Posts must be Eion related (ie: Pictures, news about upcoming roles, movies, tv shows, gossip, etc.)."
So delete if not allowed, okay?)

Anyways, new icon post by me, including:

[16] Eion Bailey (Mindhunters)
[8] Naomi/Emily (Skins)
[10] Naomi (Skins)


Find the rest --> here <-- at my journal.

Oh and more Mindhunters-Eion icons coming up soon!

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New Layout!

Hey guys,

After weeks upon weeks of saying I'll whip one up, I've FINALLY coded and graphicized a layout for us. Best viewed in IE, 1024x768 resolution. So if the alignment looks screwy, it might just be because of the size of your screen and what browser you use.

Hope you like!

- sweetfacedlion